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Ayda Field reveals husband Robbie Williams' sweet birthday gesture

The former Loose Women star is celebrating during lockdown

Diane Shipley

Ayda Field celebrated her 41st birthday on Sunday, and her husband Robbie Williams wanted to be the first to wish her many happy returns. The actress and presenter shared a sweet video to Instagram which showed the singer serenading his wife. The former Take That star sang Happy Birthday to his wife in a soft voice as he lay on their bed with his laptop in front of him. "Ah, I love you bear," his wife said, before Robbie added, "And many more…" The mum-of-four posted the clip early on Sunday morning.

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WATCH: Robbie serenades wife Ayda on her birthday

Ayda captioned the behind-the-scenes moment: "The clock has just struck midnight, and it’s officially my birthday. Thank you @robbiewilliams for being the first to wish me Happy Birthday in my very first quarantine birthday [red heart emoji] AWxx #birthdaygirl." Her fans were quick to join in with Robbie's birthday wishes, with her former Loose Women co-star Saira Khan commenting: "Happy Birthday beautiful lady," and others chiming in: "This is tooooooooo cute. Happy Birthday!!! Xxx," and: "Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! Greetings from Germany."

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Robbie and Ayda have been married since 2010

Another follower shared their own experience of celebrating a birthday during the pandemic, writing: "Happy birthday beautiful… I had a lockdown birthday a few weeks ago it was the best one ever. We had a birthday disco, party poppers and croissants. We laughed the entire day! I learned presents and things are nothing it was spending it with my amazing husband and son."

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No doubt Ayda will be spending the day with her children, as she and Robbie are in lockdown with their family in their beautiful Malibu mansion. The couple, who married in Los Angeles back in 2010, share four children: Teddy, seven, Charlie, five, one-year-old Coco and baby Beau, who was born in February. However, Ayda and Robbie are still able to steal some time together, as they proved on Tuesday when they shared photos and videos from their romantic outdoor date night.

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