Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava transforms appearance in new lockdown photo

Ava Phillipe is the only daughter of the Big Little Lies actress

Hanna Fillingham

Reese Witherspoon is often told just how much her daughter Ava Phillipe looks like her, but the 20-year-old looked almost unrecognisable this week after sharing a photo of herself rocking an electric blue wig on her Instagram account. Captioning the photo: "a re-brand?", fans were quick to get behind Ava's new style, with many encouraging her to dye her hair as a result. One wrote: "Everything looks good on you," while another commented: "Yess, blue. I always dye the underpart of my hair blue so it's not as noticeable," while a third added: "Cool blue is your colour." Another follower compared Ava's appearance to Katy Perry, writing: "Katy Perry vibe? California Girls vibe? Anyone?"


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Reese Witherspoon's daughter Ava rocked a blue wig in a lockdown photoshoot

66segui视频观看在线播放Ava is no stranger to experimenting with her hair, which is currently dyed candy floss pink. Just before the lockdown she moved back home to Los Angeles from her student accommodation in Berkeley and has featured in several pictures on her famous mum's Instagram account with her brothers Deacon, 16, and Tennessee, seven, during their time isolating together.

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Ava is isolating at home in LA with brothers Deacon and Tennessee

Reese is especially happy to have her firstborn at home again. In 2017 when Ava was heading off to study, the Legally Blonde actress opened up about their close relationship and how she wasn't looking forward to her daughter leaving home. Talking to Entertainment Tonight, she said: "I alternate between crying and feeling really proud of the woman she's become. It's so weird. I can't believe she's [going to be] 18. She's great, and we did it together. I feel like we grew up together, it's great.''

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Reese is extremely close to her family and often talks with pride about her children in interviews. The star previously opened up about the difference in raising her children at different stages of her life during an interview with Entertainment Daily. She said: "When [you're a young mother], you're like, 'Oh, they're going to be fine!' As you get older, it's, 'Am I taking them to the ballet?' When you get past survival, I think that's what's so interesting… about motherhood. It's about what you think you're creating for your children, when it's really just an artifice."

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