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Gemma Atkinson makes surprising parenting confession - and fans are divided

The star shares baby Mia with partner Gorka Marquez

Diane Shipley

On Sunday, Gemma Atkinson surprised her fans by sharing what she'd like to do during lockdown if she wasn't a mother. The 2017 Strictly finalist shared an image of a woman in an indulgent bubble bath holding a bottle of champagne and a bowl of food, with a laptop perched on the side of the bath. The mum-of-one captioned the picture: "#Mood. This could be me right now but I have a child," adding a crying-laughing emoji.

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Some of Gemma's followers related to the sentiment, commenting: "Snap, and I have 3," "Me too," and: "This would be me if my child didn't think the first sign of daylight is time to get up!" However, others encouraged the 35-year-old to embrace her alone time as well as time with her family. One wrote: "Isn't Gorka with you? Have a bath and get him to bring you a GnT." Others chimed in: "The child has a daddy, make sure you lock the door," and: "This is me and I do have two children... needs must."

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A post shared by (@glouiseatkinson) on

Gemma shared the post to Instagram on Sunday

The former Emmerdale actress shares daughter Mia, ten months, with her partner, Strictly dancer Gorka Marquez. The couple met on the set of the BBC dance show, although they didn’t start dating until early 2018 after the series had wrapped. They announced Gemma's pregnancy in February 2019 and she gave birth to their daughter on 4 July. While the star is no doubt kept busy by the demands of being a new mum, it's clear that Gorka also pulls his weight and seems to love spending time with little Mia.

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On Wednesday, the Spaniard showed off his flamenco dancing ability as the little girl looked on with great interest. The 29-year-old has already joked that Mia will soon follow in his footsteps, telling his co-star Janette Manrara on Instagram Live: "She's going to be dancing in Blackpool this year. She loves dancing, have you seen her dancing? When we play music, she dances!"

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