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Joe Wicks reveals surprising way daughter Indie is taking after him

The Body Coach clearly wants his children to follow in his footsteps!

Diane Shipley

Joe Wicks shared the cutest video with his oldest child to Instagram on Sunday. The fitness expert was sitting in the front seat of his car with his daughter Indie, who turns two in July, was sitting in her car seat behind him. The proud dad started the video by saying: "What are you saying Indie? She's just learned a new word, say it again darling what is it?" The little girl sweetly said: "Body coach," which is how her dad brands himself. The 33-year-old continued: "Body coach. Who's the body coach?" Little Indie replied, "Daddy." "Am I the body coach? Say it one more time then say it again."

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WATCH: Body Coach star Joe Wicks reveals daughter Indie's new nickname

After Indie complied, Joe responded: "Oh that's so cute Indie you amaze me, you do." Joe then suggested a nickname for his daughter, saying: "The body coach, and you're the baby. Can you say baby coach? You're the baby coach." His little girl seemed to enjoy her new nickname, saying: "Baby coach," and grinning at her dad. Perhaps there's a father-daughter business in their future! Joe captioned the short clip: "Indie’s just started saying 'Body Coach'."

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Joe shares two children with his wife Rosie

His fans loved the adorable moment, commenting: "Literally cannot cope with how cute she is," and: "So cute!!" Another teased the star: "Love it. Get her to work now." The endearing video comes a day after the author of Wean in 1566segui视频观看在线播放 defended his stance on bottle feeding. A fan shared photos of the book to Instagram which showed a chapter where Joe revealed he didn't have "the best start in life when it came to nutrition" and how he was "raised on formula milk from birth and didn't get a single ounce of breast milk" when he was a baby.

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The reader said they had felt "a bit of shaming" for parents who bottle-feed their babies. However, Joe responded that his four-month-old son Marley couldn't breastfeed due to oral thrush and said: "There is nothing wrong with formula so please don't feel judged or guilty. Your baby is your baby and your journey with feeding is your own!"

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