Kelly Brook shows off incredibly gorgeous office space inside £3million London home

The Heart FM star is currently self-isolating in her London home

Andrea Caamano

Kelly Brook has been busy this weekend, transforming her office space after taking inspiration from a gorgeous picture shared by interior designer Victoria Hagan on Instagram - and the result is simply perfect!

The radio star revealed to her followers over the weekend that she would be transforming her "work from home office" and that her "mission" was to make it look like one of Victoria's latest projects. Showing the original inspiration, she wrote alongside it: "Ok today’s mission is to make my #WFH office look like this." And just hours later, the 40-year-old showed off the results – and we have to say, she did a very good job!


Kelly showed off her home office 

Her new office space inside her £3million north London home features a light brown table with several coffee table books on top, a vintage table lamp, two vases full of flowers and an ipad on a stand. Three chairs can be seen around the table, one large beige one for her to sit on and then two dark wooden chairs decorated with sheepskin cushions in front. The desk is situated in front of the doors leading out to her garden, giving the desk space a lot of natural light.

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The Heart FM presenter is currently self-isolating in her London home, but she also has an impressive property in Kent. Her country home is so beautiful, she even has her own hashtag to share photos of her country interiors, sprawling gardens and private pool – much to the envy of her fans.

Search #KentLivingWithKelly on Instagram and you'll be wowed by images of her cosy, vintage decor and stunning garden, which has its own Walled Rose Garden, wildflower meadow and an award-winning gin hut. Although Kelly clearly has an eye for interior designing, her pride and joy is the garden in her 15th century cottage, which she bought a decade ago.


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Speaking about her passion for gardening, Kelly has said in the past: "Ever since I was young I've always loved being outside. But it wasn't until I had my own garden that I really became a passionate gardener. I've learned about so many varieties of plants and I've been able to watch my garden establish year after year."

66segui视频观看在线播放The 40-year-old also revealed she has tried to create different areas of her garden – including a walled rose garden and a wild meadow – which combine to make something truly spectacular. "I like to think of my garden like most people think about their homes by creating different rooms, with every room having its own atmosphere," she said. "Some more formal and some more wild. But together they all really complement each other."

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