Sophie Wessex makes rare comment about the Queen during interview with Prince Edward

The couple were talking about The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Andrea Caamano

The Countess of Wessex has made a rare comment about her mother-in-law Her Majesty the Queen. Speaking to Royal Windsor Horse Show commentator Nick Brooks-Ward, Sophie talked about how much the monarch loves her horses and ponies and how much she enjoys it when they win at the races.

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In a short sneak peek at the interview which will air on Sunday afternoon on the event's Twitter account, Sophie can be heard saying: "Going back to the Queen's winners, I mean certainly I think for her, but also as a family and also anyone that comes it's in her garden and the home team are taking part just as much and she absolutely adores… she loves all her horses and her ponies and she loves to see them being shown. And she takes such a personal interest in them."


The full interview will air on Sunday afternoon

She added: "We're always really hoping, whenever we bump into her, it's a question, sort of, you know, 'how many winners?' and she always has a huge big smile on her face when she's had a place, which is fantastic." This year, due to the coronavirus lockdown, the Royal Windsor Horse Show, which usually takes place in the grounds of Windsor Castle, has instead been streamed online from 13-17 May. It has been the first time the 94-year-old monarch has missed the show since its launch in 1943, but judging by Prince Edward's latest comments, we're pretty sure she's taken time out to watch it online.

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66segui视频观看在线播放The Queen's son, who together with wife Sophie is the Royal Vice President of the popular event, told Nick: "This has been a fantastic way of being able to do something a little bit competitive, a little bit fun and the fact that you've drown interest from so far away, is it 19 different countries?" he asked Nick, who clarified it had actually been 83.


Prince Edward and Sophie pictures with the Queen

"It's brilliant and that's truly made it an international show, more international which is fantastic. It's been a great response."

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