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Second royal wedding postponed due to coronavirus – find out more

Princess Beatrice also had to pause her plans

Diane Shipley

Another royal wedding has sadly been postponed due to the coronavirus. Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark was expected to marry American lawyer Matthew Kumar later this month on the Greek island of Spetses. However, a new statement released at the weekend revealed that the couple had been forced to put their plans on hold as a result of the pandemic. Theodora, who was born in London and now lives in Los Angeles, is the daughter of the former King of Greece, Constantine II, and his wife, Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark. 

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Theodora met her fiancé after moving to America to pursue an acting career and the Greek Royal House announced the couple's engagement in November 2018. It's the latest disappointment for royal watchers following the cancellation of Princess Beatrice's wedding to property developer Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's eldest daughter, 31, originally planned to marry this month after getting engaged in Italy in September 2019.

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Theodora moved to Los Angeles to become an actress 

66segui视频观看在线播放Back in February, the couple announced that their wedding ceremony would take place at the 150-seat Chapel Royal followed by a gathering in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, at the invitation of the Queen. Edoardo's three-year-old son Christopher (affectionately known as Woolfie), from his previous relationship with American architect Dara Huang, was expected to be best man. It was also likely that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, would play a role in the ceremony. Beatrice and Edoardo will now have to re-visit their plans at a later date.

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The Duchess of Cambridge's brother, James Middleton, has also had to postpone his big day with his fiancée, Alizée Thimothet, which was planned for this summer. The Cambridges have a close connection to the Greek royal family as Constantine is a second cousin of Prince Charles and Prince William's godfather, meaning the family is missing out on marking several special occasions. Hopefully, they'll have many nuptials to celebrate before too long!

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